Our service offers remote video consultations.

During the tremendous changes in the last months due to Covid-19 spread we can carry out an assessment of your dysfunction, injury or remotely and offer you expert, tailored advice, educatioon and support and send you an exercise programme that will help your recovery.

All you need to do is call us on +302106233806 or +306981016688

Alternatively, you can ask info or book your session via

You will be sent an email with a link for your video consultation. At your appointment time, click the link and you will be connected to your Virtual Appointment. After your appointment, you will be sent an exercise program via email. If you need a further appointment, this can be booked at the end of your appointment or you can do this online or via our contact info. 

What will I need in place to have an online consultation? 

  1. An email address that we can send your online consultation invitation to 
  2. A device (computer, iPad, tablet or phone) with video / web cam facilities 
  3. Internet connection 

How much does an online consultation cost? 

Both an Initial Virtual Assessment Appointment and Follow Up Vurtual Appontment will last 30-45 minutes and the charge is 25euros per appointment. Please advise us at time of booking of your status.